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Secret Santa gift guide.

Secret Santa…. It’s a term that sends me into a nervous quiver! For those of you who aren’t familiar with the concept, basically you are asked to spend a certain amount of money (usually ten or twenty dollars) on a person you either don’t know very well or someone you know well, but usually spend… Continue reading Secret Santa gift guide.

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Shopping addiction. 

So I was watching the movie “Confessions of a shopaholic” recently and I was overwhelmed by the similarities between myself and the main character of the movie, which then got me thinking…Do I have a shopping addiction? Short answer, definitely.  Like most women I spend a hell of a lot of time shopping, mostly at… Continue reading Shopping addiction. 

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DIY Ripped Mom Jeans

Don’t you hate it when you keep looking around in so many different stores just to find this one pair of perfectly ripped jeans, you look and you look, and nothing! Some are too ripped, others aren’t ripped enough or perhaps they fit weird or are the wrong colour! Oh gosh it’s so annoying and… Continue reading DIY Ripped Mom Jeans

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To keep or not to keep, THAT is the question?! 

Warning! Hoarding is encouraged in this post. If your one of those “capsule wardrobe” kind of people, you will proberly break out into a nervous sweat reading this…However if like me, you love to keep things till you have no room left and are forced to clear out, than we can have a circle of… Continue reading To keep or not to keep, THAT is the question?! 

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Budget Bohemian. (DIY Garden Tour) 

Anyone else start scrolling through Instagram and suddenly find themselves in a myriad of photo’s featuring gorgeous women in floaty clothes. Usually the background has a magical garden adorned in fairy lights, ferns and succulents peacefully surrounding these perfect looking models. Whom, might I add, look like they just so happened to be full of… Continue reading Budget Bohemian. (DIY Garden Tour)