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Secret Santa gift guide.

Secret Santa….

It’s a term that sends me into a nervous quiver! For those of you who aren’t familiar with the concept, basically you are asked to spend a certain amount of money (usually ten or twenty dollars) on a person you either don’t know very well or someone you know well, but usually spend a little more money on gifts for. So that whole idea, to me is a tough situation, I mean Come On Santa…why do I have to do YOUR job for you?! 

But it’s the season for giving and spreading joy so, I will play Santa, We all will play.

I always find other people’s ideas really handy when it comes to buying gifts for “strangers” so I thought will pass on my grand light bulbs to you fine people! 

After much deliberation, I have come up with four thrifty gifty ideas all under twenty dollars and all unique and totally worthy of a gift wrap! Wicca Wicca Wah! (Get it Rap…). 

Decorated Treasure Box.

My first idea is to head to your local craft store and pick up a wooden box, a cheap pack of acrylic paints, a hot glue gun and pretty much any little dangly things you can think of to decorate the box. Paint the box however you like and add little sparkly bits or material pieces (pretty much anything. Go wild!) to the box with a hot glue gun. This is such a cute and unique gift that I’m sure anyone would love, you can even decorate according to gender. When your done allow it to dry and fill the box with some candy canes for extra Christmassy goodness!

Framed Embroidered Picture/Words. 

This is a gift that I thought would be great for a co-worker or a distant relative. I happened to find mine in an opshop so if you are not crafty you could definitely find one like I did as I’m always coming across them whilst thrifting. You can then buy a cute frame to modernise the art or you could buy a embroidery hoop and give it a go yourself. I personally would love to get given something like this! 

Instagram/Market goodies! 

There are so many small businesses on Instagram and at markets that sell really cute handmade items. They are usually very reasonably priced and not only are you getting something unique but your helping support some amazing people. I have included in this photo a pair of handmade earrings from both @treefox_designs_ and @allthatglittersau. The headband is made by me @thriftstore_apocalypse so if your a little bit crafty you can even make one yourself! 

Vintage Books

How cool are vintage books! They look great on your coffee table and you really can find some unique ones if you check out a few second hand bookstores or opshops. I’ve handmade a pom pom bookmark to go with mine, you could also write a little note in the cover for a personalised touch! 

I hope you get some ideas from this post to help make things a little easier at this stressful time of year. Admittedly, my ideas are a little “different” but where is the fun in receiving another coffee cup?! 

So go forth and jingle all the way to stress-free secret Santa! 

Thriftstore Apocalypse x 


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