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DIY Ripped Mom Jeans

Don’t you hate it when you keep looking around in so many different stores just to find this one pair of perfectly ripped jeans, you look and you look, and nothing! Some are too ripped, others aren’t ripped enough or perhaps they fit weird or are the wrong colour! Oh gosh it’s so annoying and there’s nothing you can do about it right?……Wrong! 

We have all heard people talk about making their own ripped jeans, but how do I actually do it? Well I’m going to show you, because I’m nice and I want you to save money. Chaching! 

DIY cheap as chips ripped mom jeans.

Materials – Jeans, Scissors, Pin or chalk, Fine Garlic Grater. 

Step 1 – This is probably the hardest part, but the first thing to do is go mozee on down to your local thrift store and find yourself a pair of jeans. Only concentrate on the fit (high waisted with a slightly baggy, yet straight fit leg) and the colour, which is completely up to you but I chose a light wash for mine. By the way, I found my ones for just $2 so it really is so affordable you could make a few different pairs if you like. 

Step 2 – Put your jeans on and mark out where your knees hit the pants. I like to go slightly above the middle of my kneecap so when I bend my knee it pops out of the pants…got to love a bit of sexy knee action! I place a pin where I need to cut and then lay the jeans on a firm surface. Please don’t cut them whilst they are on your body!!! 

Step 3 – In as straight of a line as you can, cut across where you have marked and go along both sides until you only have about 2cm each side of the gash. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect, it’s not supposed to be, but just be sure to not create a triangle when you cut each side. 

Step 4 – Get yourself a grater and using the small garlic mashing side, attack the cuts you just made in the jeans. Use a random motion to pull all the bits of thread out of the cuts you made. It may help to place the jeans over a ledge somewhere (like an old bench) with the slit-knee parts facing outwards. 

Step 5 – This part is optional, but I like to distress the jeans a little further up and around the knees and also I tiny bit on the upper leg section. To do this, I rub the same grater over the areas I want distressed until they look worn and puckered…or have holes, if that’s the look your going for. 

Your done! 

Try on your new (old) jeans and see the result. You can always add more distressing later, but I like to wash them a few times first because the parts you have distressed will distress further after washing and you can unstress the distressed! I digress! 

I folded up the cuffs on mine so I can wear them in Summer, check out my awesome $2.00 jeans! Seriously, why would you pay hundreds for a pair of jeans you can make yourself for under five?! Think of all the activities you can now afford because your jeans were so cheap. 

So have fun, go forth and give a new life to that boring denim! 

Thriftstore Apocalypse x 


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