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Nerds the Word.

Take a girl who grew up reading books and writing journals and let them loose on the internet,  it’s only a matter of time before she will discover blogging. I enjoy blogging, and I like to think my blog mixes things up a little, a dash of funny  (naive?) and a lot of nerdy (definitely!). 

Not only will I pretend to know stuff about stuff but I will pull movie lines, book quotes, song lyrics and any other nonsense that’s lying in my brain on you at a moments notice. 

For this post, I thought it might be fun to just nerd right out and tell you a few of my faaaavourite movies and tv shows…

…as fashion outfits….because, who doesn’t love a bit of crazy dress ups. Don’t worry it’s not cosplay and I’m sure it will make sense as we go along. 

Harry Potter, all the movies but especially the books…and just, well… reading in general. I’m proud to say that I am well over the age of being the target market of YA fiction, but by golly I love it and I will probably still be reading this category when I’m 50! 

Also a big fan of “chick lit” and “chick” movies…because who doesn’t love to have a laugh at the silly things women (and men) do! 

This outfit is something I think Hermione would wear whilst scouring the library for clues. It consists of a cute grey jumper I have had since I was a teen, a thrifted blush coloured blouse which has the most beautifully sequin adorned collar, a pair of black jeggings I picked up from Kmart and some old black boots that are a nod to Sirius Black. 


Survivor. I don’t care if it’s fake or if people are acting, I still love it and every year I say I’m going to try out for it, but then I remember that I have anxiety and an extreme fear of spiders. So I’m happy to just watch it for now! 

Surely everyone has a version of this outfit in their wardrobes. It’s essentially a tee, ripped jeans, gumboots and a bandana. Castaway chic! 

Pretty Little Liars. Got a secret? Can you keep it… well the secrets out, I love PLL! Those “teenagers” from Rosewood just have me hooked with their pretty little crime solving antics. And it’s a little horror-ish…which makes it perfect for me because I love that kind of thing. 

I feel like this outfit is a perfect combination of Aria and Spencer, because if I was a liar this is where I would fit. The dress is cute, but a little bit goth with a leather collar (Aria) and the shoes and headband are sweet and preppy (Spencer). 

The Walking Dead. Now I’m not usually a fan of zombie type movies or shows, but this one, well this one is just special. It’s the relationships between the characters in the show, that’s what really hooks me in. It’s made me want to cry, laugh, vomit and hide. Sounds like a good time doesn’t it?! Haha. 

I love a bit of Rick, well actually if I’m honest a Rick and Darryl sandwich would be perfect! 😉 Anyway, I’ve designed this particular outfit with the sexy Rick in mind, the ex-sheriff and all round good guy definitely gives me cowboy vibes, and I’m all about that! 

So there you have it… the teensiest glance into the brain of a serious idiot box watcher/nerdy blogger. I hope you had as much fun looking at my outfits as I did creating them! 

If you like me and my brain, go follow me on Instagram, so we can nerd out together some more! 😘 

Go Forth and let your inner nerd out, we all have one in there somewhere! 

Until next time.

Thriftstore Apocalypse x 


3 thoughts on “Nerds the Word.

    1. I’m the same, it’s the only zombie type show that I enjoy. I feel like it’s more about the characters than just running from zombies all the time. Although they do run and fight zombies a lot especially in the first few seasons. Us nerds gotta stick together! X


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