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To keep or not to keep, THAT is the question?! 

Warning! Hoarding is encouraged in this post. If your one of those “capsule wardrobe” kind of people, you will proberly break out into a nervous sweat reading this…However if like me, you love to keep things till you have no room left and are forced to clear out, than we can have a circle of happiness together! Hoarders Unite! 
Ask yourself this question….

If you keep an item of clothing for long enough, does it come back in fashion?  

I think yes…eventually….sometimes. I’m still waiting for chicks to start walking around in full on corseted dresses like the 1800’s but probably not in this lifetime right….or wrong..who knows, because “fashion” right! 

So my point is, do you keep every item of clothing you own or not? 

I have compiled a list of pros and cons for you, and this time instead of telling you what to do, I’m going to let you all make your own mind up, because you don’t need some chick from Australia telling you to throw out your favourite jumper or keep every item of clothing you’ve owned since you were 15! 

To keep or not to keep…that is the question…

And before we ponder it together, check out this cute outfit made up of items I’ve hoarded or intend to hoard for years myself. 

Pros to keeping.

  • Most items come back in fashion again eventually.
  • You will always be able to change your style at a moments notice. Lots of clothes, lots of options!
  • Who cares about “fashion” anyway, if you still like it, you should still wear it.
  • You can repurpose old things and make them fashionable again. (Distress your old jeans or chuck a skirt over a baggy t-shirt)
  • If it doesn’t look good on you, see if anyone else you know might want it. Spread kindness! Although technically, this isn’t “keeping”.
  • When new trends come out, you will most likely have something in your wardrobe to suit it.
  • It’s like an opshop, but in YOUR HOUSE! So exciting! 

Cons of keeping.

  • You will run out of room! Trust me! 
  • You may change size and never wear some of the things you own. Something that looked good on you as a size 10, might look horrible as a size 14, or vice versa.
  • Clothing starts to look ratty after a while, it just doesn’t last forever. 
  • Some items may have just been a passing phase and as you grow older they may never appeal to you again. (Can I get an amen!) 
  • You can always go thrifting to find “new” clothes that are on trend again.
  • You will always be losing things in your closet because they are hiding behind all the other things!
  • Someone else might love the things you don’t anymore.

So what do you think? 

Like I said, I will let you decide. You can most likely guess that I’m more of a keeper than a thrower but I’m really interested in what your decision is, so please comment down below on which side you think wins the war on clothing hoarding.

Till next time…

Go Forth and….

Clean out your closet….or don’t….you decide! 

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4 thoughts on “To keep or not to keep, THAT is the question?! 

  1. I am less of a keeper than I used to be but I now have a system where items that I still really love or find interesting or unique are rotated out into the Vault where they are kept for posterity. I’m now more about trying to have a wardrobe that only contains stuff I really like to make outfit choices easier!

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    1. That’s an interesting way to do it, your still keeping things, but not taking up wardrobe space! I am really torn when I try to get rid of things, usually the only way I will part with something is if it doesn’t fit and I’ve never worn it….or it’s unrepairable!


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