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Budget Bohemian. (DIY Garden Tour) 

Anyone else start scrolling through Instagram and suddenly find themselves in a myriad of photo’s featuring gorgeous women in floaty clothes. Usually the background has a magical garden adorned in fairy lights, ferns and succulents peacefully surrounding these perfect looking models. Whom, might I add, look like they just so happened to be full of wisdom and insight of the likes us normal humans will never comprehend?  Just me, well maybe you know what I’m talking about, if you don’t…..just search “boho” as a tag and you will see what I mean. 

So I’m looking through all these photo’s and they are so perfect and the longer I look, the more perfect these scenes feel. And I find myself feeling somewhat inspired (*cough* Jealous *cough*) ….then I walk out to my backyard, full of weeds, dog poo and a broken water feature I got from Aldi….and I just feel so underwhelmed! 

Now I could choose to just ignore this feeling of jealousy and move on, or I could do something about it…And because I don’t have vast amounts of money, I decided to do the whole thing as cheap as I could! 

First thing I decided I needed was lights, all the photos have these beautiful lights hanging in the backgrounds (usually on huge trees, but I only have a fence so pfft). I picked mine up half price from Bunnings at $7.00 a pack. 

Then I added an abundance of different outdoor ornaments and pots from Kmart and Big W. It’s amazing how the little things tie this look together, I mean you can just go crazy, it’s totally allowed! Which is perfect for me because I do love to encourage the hoarding of small objects! Hanging things from your surrounds seems to be the key for this look, which I love because it’s so 70’s! 

So after I found the things, I needed the living things…after all what is a boho paradise without succulents and cacti?! It’s nothing that’s what! Yeah, so, I just so happened to come across some cuttings of a few succulents (which I spread around a few different pots) and the others I purchased from various places, namely Bunnings, Masters and Big W. Succulents are pretty cheap and a lot of them you can grow by slip (cut off a piece and dig it in some dirt till it grows roots).

I then found this cute patterned bowl at Bunnings and decided to treat my garden with that as well. You could most likely find one cheaper but I really wanted this one and I got obsessed and can we just move on…..😂 BTW it was around $60 I think. 

And voila…I was finished, for now anyway. That’s the great thing about this bohemian style, you can totally just keep adding and adding till you get the perfect look. 

And what’s a bohemian garden without a totally whimsical, be it slightly lumpy girl dressed in some thrifted boho style threads! Go check out my previous post for details here – – > Bohemian like you

Until then….

Go Forth and don’t get jealous. Be creative, put in a bit of effort and strive for what you want! 

Only YOU control what you have in life, even if you look at what you have through rose coloured glasses…(which I absolutely recommend because…boho!) 

Thriftstore Apocalypse X 


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