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Bohemian like you.

Spring is here! And I’m not ready. I’m still enjoying all the outfits I had organised for Winter weather, but alas it seems Winter just does not last very long in my part of the country. So although I have many items I didn’t get to wear (hello wool coats and fluffy jackets!), I am so excited to dig through my closet and see what I have ready to embrace this weird season sandwiched between “bloody cold” and “sweat soup”. 

So let’s get that Bohemian “Spring” in our step baby! 

If there is one thing I love about Spring, it’s the fact that you can still get away with wearing a bit of corduroy. 

Voila……This awesome flared skirt I thrifted from Salvos stores for $8.00. When I first eyed it I wasn’t sure if the skirt would fit me. It is a size 16 and I’m usually somewhere between a 12 and a 14, but I tried it on in-store and although a tiny bit baggy, I think it fits pretty well. Fist pump moment right there! 

The black singlet is just an old staple item I’ve had in my wardrobe for a while. I like to add a bit of contrast to my outfits with pops of black sometimes, who says you can’t wear black in Spring anyway? Not me! I say, wear whatever you want to! Yes sir. 

I have further added contrast to the look by wearing this beautiful crochet vest. I just love the vine and floral details on this piece and I think it definitely hits a spring note. *Ding!* The vest was also thrifted from Vinnies for $5.00. 

What’s a bohemian outfit without a pair of cowboy boots though right? These ones I picked up for $8.00 on sale at Big W and the brand is Lee Cooper. I love this brand, they have so much amazing and affordable clothing and accessories, mostly with a country or bohemian vibe. 

To finish the look off I’ve added a Hat I picked up from Trade Secret last summer and a few pieces of jewellery. I’ve stuck to the bohemian vibe with my bling by wearing a choker and a few silver bangles (mostly thrifted). 

This look is pretty easy to create yourself and I am always finding these kinds of pieces at opshops and at markets, so it really wouldn’t be hard to get similar pieces to add to your own wardrobe. 

So if you like it, yeah you like it, and your feeling so bohemian like it…..


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6 thoughts on “Bohemian like you.

  1. So boho! That skirt is amazing. Just another reason why you need to try everything on and disregard the number on the tag! I never thought I’d do boho again after my high school velvet incense phase, but there are definitely some prints and shapes working their way into my wardrobe . . .

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  2. We are just heading into autumn here and I’m jealous of your warm weather! I had to run the furnace for the first time last night. Goodbye summer!

    All your pieces here are so fun and exciting. I especially love the vest! I feel like it’s something I’d see and want to try out, but I’m not sure I could pull it off. You do the bohemian thing very well.

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