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Let’s Thrift Again!ย 

Like we did last Summer! Sorry…. You know me and songs! Well if not, you do now! ๐Ÿ˜‚

Moving on…when I first started posting on this blog I did a little “beginners guide” to thrifting, to try and share some of my how-to’s of Opshopping or thrifting with you all so i could share the love, because where is the love? If not in sharing! Where is the love, the love, the love……Oops, I did it again! (And again…)

As I’ve branched out to many more people through social media, it’s become apparent that most of you aren’t “beginners” at all! So I have decided to follow up my previous post (which I encourage you to read…As you do!) with a more comprehensive “guide” if you will, for finding the best things in opshops/thriftstores. Now by “best” I don’t mean designer… Because I’m not about the flipping life, I’m about the hoarding life…join me there, you will love it! At least until you run out of room and have to donate it back. ๐Ÿ˜ Alright let’s get into it.

If it seems crazy…buy it! 

Sometimes you will come across an item that will immediately attract you, a bit like a bowerbird!, if this happens…it’s usually a good sign. When I’m caught by something and it fits, I usually just buy it because everyone hates buyers regret and when said items are so cheap and usually the money is going towards charity, it’s pretty much risk free! You can always donate it back later if you never wear it. Although I definitely encourage you to wear it! The crazier the better! 

Monday’s are good for something…

Generally all the new stock will get put out on a Monday, but I have seen the staff stock up on other days too so no need to rush. However keep in mind that a lot of charity shops have days when they discount items that have been in the store for a little while so you are best to scan through on these days as well. I like Mondays because at Salvos they put new stock out AND have 50% off a certain coloured label as well as another discount that reduces items even further. Oh what fun!

This girl is Loyal.

Let’s show some love to the good old Loyalty Card! Some of the staff don’t offer them to you but most stores do have them so just ask, they save so much money if you shop there often. Saving money makes a happy thrifter!  ๐Ÿ˜


This is a big one! Think about what you can do to an item to make it more interesting or how you can recreate a piece made from thrift shop buys! Think old jeans with sheets cut up to make patches (super easy to sew!), or baggy men’s shirts cropped into cute tops. Research different materials and learn a little bit about sewing. Your mind will just explode with new ideas!

What’s Trendy?

I know a lot of people shop at regular stores to get the latest trends, the good thing about most trends though, they have most likely already been a “thing”. Maybe it was in the 50s or the 80s im willing to bet that most of them were done before. So this is where the opshop shines its brightest! Research an era and I guarantee you will find many glorious items at your local thriftstore just begging to be taken home and loved again. 

Shapes aren’t just for kindergarten.

So we have all been told…”dress for your shape”, but what does it mean? To me, it just means to find the styles that you like and keep them in mind when you go searching for new (old) clothes. In other words, it helps to know what sort of clothes you like to wear, for example I personally don’t like things that hang straight from my chest or anything that makes my boobs look big. It’s personal preference in my opinion, although there are plenty of “stylists” who will try to tell you what to do. You can either choose to listen to them, or just wear what you want… Totally up to you! 

Dress to un-impress.

Thrifting is a sport, dress comfy! And make sure it’s easy to pull on and off, as you may want to try things on.

And finally…

Be Adventurous.

……Be-be adventurous! *high kicks and spirit fingers* ….sorry I just watched “Bring it on” and am totally ready to cheer you straight into buying something out of your comfort zone! Body shapes aside, if you have always wanted to trial a certain item, but your not sure if you will like it or wear it enough. Well grabbing that item second-hand is the perfect way to try it out and see if you like it. I never used to wear skirts but after thrifting a really cute denim one, I wear them all the time now, and I love it. Sometimes we get stuck in a rut and buying clothing this way will help to expand your wardrobe without costing the earth and it also helps the earth…so again, win-win! 

I absolutely love Opshopping and I hope to share even more advice and inspiration to you all in the future! 

So go forth, break all the rules and thrift something amazing.

Thriftstore Apocalypse X 

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