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In the Closet…

Now we are all leaving the house more often to play Pokemon Go all the time, we need loads of cool outfits! “But I have nothing to wear” I hear you say… 

What if I told you there was a hidden, magical world of clothes that are only available in your “size”? You would say…”What is she smoking?” Or “Yeah I wish” 

Well wish no further my friends because it’s true! No I’m not talking about a new store or website… I’m referring to that little place in your house called…The Closet!
I know what your thinking… And no I’m not a crazy person! I know…we open up our closets every morning and pick out the clothes we always wear. It’s that favourite pair of jeans or the cute white shirt you have had for a few months. We pick out the easy stuff, the stuff we always wear. Well I’m here to say….STOP!

 What ever happened to that skirt you bought and loved and swear you would find a place to wear it?…its in the closet!

Or how about that Jumpsuit you tried on and purchased in the hopes that you would get the courage to actually wear it out of the house?…its in the closet!

Or those shoes you can never match with any of your regular outfits?….you guessed it…The Closet!

Lately I have really been looking through all the clothes I never wear and I thought to myself, why not? What am I waiting for? There are dresses I have saved for special occasions and other items I’m cautious of wearing as they may be too “out there”.

Well…No more! 

I am going to dig out those clothes and wear the hell out of them, because someone has gone to the effort to make them and they deserve to be loved. (Even if it’s just to catch Pikachu in!) 

I’m wearing summer clothes in winter and dresses to the park, jumpsuits out to dinner and colours that seem too stark! (Rhyming is fun!)

So my piece to you is this…please open your closet further, stop wearing the same old things and take your wardrobe to its full potential! 


Go forth and explore your closet. 

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Thriftstore Apocalypse X 


3 thoughts on “In the Closet…

  1. I LOVE THIS it’s GENIUS!!! How many times do I grab something, then stop myself from putting it on, because I’m “just going grocery shopping??” Sometimes I realize that, um, I have a LOT of clothes, and if I don’t wear stuff doing every day tasks, it will literally NEVER GET WORN! Plus, how much more amazing do you feel when you wear something fun, different, or “special” as you’ve deemed it, than when you just throw on the same old sweat pants!? Love this. You are truly a genius!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes exactly! Sometimes I feel like I have to dress up for “other” people but really I should wear whatever the hell I want, doing whatever I want. I wear so many different outfits now that I used to deem “too fancy” or that would make me stand out in a crowd too much…but it’s all in my head! 😁


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