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What is she wearing?! 

Winter is coming….(insert Jon Snow impersonation voice) … No wait… Winter is well and truly here! And it’s been a spine chillingly cold one this last few weeks. 

As the cold weather creeps up on me, I find myself digging out all my awesome coats, knits, scarfs, hats and corduroy… Because these things are hardly needed in my part of Australia. 

I leave my house looking super cute in all of these gorgeous clothes… Dancing and singing and feeling fine! Ummm NO…. That is a lie! I wear sweatpants… A lot! Really unflattering ones too! I have also left the house sans bra 😳 ….. Because it’s too cold to get undressed and put my bra on. Don’t worry, it was only once… And nobody seen me… Except the mailman…aaaand the shop assistant at the grocery store…and maybe 12 other people who were in the store as well. 😁 

However… Nothing, I feel, could prepare me for what I was about to see while heading to my Nans house the other day. There I was… Just driving along, minding my business, when I spot a leopard printed full length blanket with legs, slowly walking across the road to its car. Hold up! Did I just imagine that… Nope, I didn’t! That is a lady in a SNUGGIE! A S-N-U-G-G-I-E!!! It is a blanket with arms for pete’s sake! 

Now I am definitely all about wearing whatever the hell you like…. But this draws the line for me. I mean even if this lady had just wanted the comfort and warmth of a blanket, couldn’t she have just worn a poncho? Or even an old blanket with a head hole cut in it would have been better. 

So anyway, this got me to thinking… What exactly would I never wear in public? I guess it’s different for everyone, for example I will not wear a snuggie 😂… Unless I was in the car…then maybe….no, no I would never wear one! 

Discovering this about myself I have decided to compile a list of things I personally wouldn’t wear out of the house. (This doesn’t include driving someone somewhere to drop them off  (you don’t get out of the car) or hospital) 

  • Shorts above my bum line…(I’ve seen way too many teenagers vaginas😳) 

  • See-through clothing without covering my bits. (Self explanatory I think)

  • Heavily stained clothing…sweat and poop stains get you extra points! 

  • Thongs/flip flops with sweatpants…sweatpants will generally always be worn with sneakers or something similar. (In my opinion of course 😊)
hmmm maybe im regreting this one actually…DROOLLL!
  • Your G-String worn showing above your pants…00’s throwback eat your heart out! 

  • Annnd Snuggies! 

Geez it’s not a very big list is it… 

Well I guess the moral of this story is that I would wear almost anything….except a Snuggie. 

Great insights by me! 😏 

What would be on your list? Maybe it could be added to mine! Let me know in the comments, and as always thanks for reading my raving lunacies and please feel free to follow me on Instagram (Thriftstore_Apocalypse) or Facebook (Thriftstore Apocalypse) 

So my friends…

Go Forth and Do Not Snuggie! 

Thriftstore Apocalypse X 


6 thoughts on “What is she wearing?! 

  1. Every time I feel like I am a disgrace to the fashion blogger world in trackies and hoodie, I see someone who gives even less effs on that day and I feel better. I’ve never seen a Snuggie in the wild though, that’s amazing. Agree with your list completely and also want to show love to the stripes and pinnie outfit!

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  2. As a Canadian that endures the coldest of cold winters, I can relate to the feeling of excitement of digging out the scarves, hats and knits in the fall in the lead-up to winter. I especially love your mustard-coloured toque… I love winter hats, and that one is very cute!

    With respect to what I’d never be caught wearing in public, I think that’d have to be leggings. There’s something about wearing a 1 mm thick layer of form-fitting clothing over my bits that leaves me feeling a little exposed…

    I hope you can find a way to stay warm that doesn’t involve wearing a Snuggie in public!

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    1. Ooo I bet your winters make ours feel like summer! 😂
      I can respect the no leggings rule….although I do wear them…not without covering my butt with a long Tee or dress though! I’m not sure if this makes me a fashion mess or not?! 😂😂 I will definitely never wear a snuggie…no not ever! 😳😉

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  3. Bahahahahahahah I LOOOOVE this post!!! The only one of these I have violated is the sweats with flip flops of course because that is a very Californian thing to do! Also things I have worn…shorts and tall Uggs. Yes, that makes zero sense to most people but for me, I’m usually too hot for tall Uggs so I have to balance it out somehow! And it’s also very Southern California. I’m with you on these though. Especially the shorts and the thong thing. It’s just AWKWARD. Occasionally too I’ll see like a teen girl with her sweats rolled down SO LOW on her waist…I’m super stressed out they’re gonna just go ahead and fall right off. Yikes. Love the post. You’re hilarious

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    1. I have totally worn uggs with shorts as well 😂 I’m not sure why, I think it was a fashion trend a few years ago and I got sucked in. Thanks for loving my post, I’m pretty sure I’m more of a raving lunatic than a comedian but I’m glad some people get me 🙌🏻😘 Love ya!


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