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Brite Organix grey hair dye – my experience. 

Before I start, just know I am in no way a hair professional and I never claim to be, I’m just a normal person who gets a ton of advice from hairdressers and gives it a go at home (cos I’m ballsy like that). Actually mostly I’m just thrifty and have a fear of other people touching my hair. (Hairdressers have burnt me and cut my hair so short it may as well have been shaved!) 

 Never being one to shy away from hair colours, I’ve been on the look out for a semi-permanent grey colour to put over my whitish hair. I’m naturally a very ashy toned dark blonde so lightening my hair to a white-blonde is an easy DIY home job for me (lucky, I know.) That’s not to say it has always been easy to get to blonde… I used to dye my hair black for about a year or more and let me tell you, that was a bitch to get back to blonde… So many ugly tones under black that you have to slowly strip back over a longish period of time. Although brands like Olaplex make it easier now I’ve heard… Don’t quote me on anything! 

Before – To show the colour of my hair before using the product.

Alright so I was in Priceline and noticed they had all these hair colours on sale and I’ve been wanting a change so I started eyeing them off, first grabbing a Rosey-hued dye and then spying one in Grey…. What?! How did I not know this was available?! The dye is by the brand Brite Organix and the girl on the box looks the perfect hue of grey I’ve been lusting after for so so long! It’s an understatement to say I was excited! 

Stock Photo of the Brite Organix in Grey.

So, I purchased a tube and rushed home to read all about it. The box instructs me that my hair must be a very light blonde…Check! Ok looks like I passed the pre-requisites for the dye so I’m itching to test it out! 
You can proberly already tell by how this is going that I didn’t get the colour on the box, which is a pretty purplish grey…..But let me explain exactly what happened! Stick with me, I will get there😊

Ok so I shampooed my hair and got out the shower, put some gloves on and squeezed out about half the tube onto my hair and massaged it in. It looked a nice grey colour while it was on my hair…which was so promising and I was so excited. (I know, I should have done a strand test but I like to live dangerously.) 

So after about 10 minutes I get back in the shower and wash it all off… I can see all the grey colour running down the drain and I keep rinsing till it’s only a murky-clear colour. 

So how did it go? 

Well it went grey……..ish green? Greenish-blue maybe…. Actually I’m not sure! Well the ends of my hair went kind of a really light grey, I’m not sure if that’s because they were a lot wetter when I put the dye in or because my hair is older there?! And I actually liked that colour, still not really like the box but it was definitely a grey hue. Now the top… Well that was another story! It’s murky turquoise…that’s the only colour I can describe it as. 

This photo shows the “greyish” parts at the ends of my hair.
Aaaaand the green seaweed sections….

Luckily I like greenish-blue colours so I was ok with it! But I have been reading online and I’m by no means the only person this has happened to… Maybe there is too much blue in the Grey mix or something and it picks up on the tiniest bit of yellow? I don’t know…like I said, I’m no expert. 

So I will have to fade this seaweed colour out and try again… With a different dye of course, unless I want my hair turquoise again! 😂

The last video is how my hair looks after a wash with clarifying shampoo and a tiny bit of toning conditioner. 

I will keep you updated on my next test… Schwarzkopf Live in “cool grey”…. 

Yeah we will see…..

Thanks for reading my personal opinion on this product and if you have any experience with this colour, or any kind of grey dyes you recommend, please let me know! 

Go Forth and grey-quoise! (Or don’t 😏😂) 

Thriftstore Apocalypse X 


23 thoughts on “Brite Organix grey hair dye – my experience. 

  1. I love the silvery ashy grey colours that are all the rage now but I have had so many home hair colour disasters I promised myself I’d never do anything perm/semi-perm at home ever again. I have tried the temporary pink Brite Organix colour for light hair. Once I’d worked it all in, I thought it looked a bit bogan so washed it out again immediately but it grabbed my blonde and actually stayed a nice rose gold tone for a couple of weeks. Bet I couldn’t do it again if I tried!

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    1. It’s true, you have to be willing to let your hair go possibly nothing like you wanted! I’m just a bit of a hair colour junkie so I don’t really mind if it doesn’t go right all the time. I know Brite Organix do a rose gold colour now, which looks like it might be less in your face as the pink ones. Pink only lasts two washes usually in my hair because I only like it super pastel.😏😁

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      1. Totally agree. There’s that fine line between cute pastel pink and that ratchet [insert appropriate compass direction for your city] suburbs feral pink. I’ll be keeping an eye out for the rose gold one; I have a rosewood toner from De Lorenzo that is a super nice colour but I find it really hard to work in evenly.

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      2. Ooo that toner sounds nice, I find toner really hard to work through as well… I usually find a darker colour I like and dilute it down with conditioner to make my own “toner” then you can make your hair any kind of pastel colour yourself.


      1. 😂 nope! And my hair was WHITE! I left it a few days and I think the green is fading into more greyish (or its my wishful thinking eyes) hahah!

        Have you experimented with any other greys? I think I’m gonna give it another go 🙊

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      2. Ooo you have to let me know how you go! My hair was white too! I hope your hair is going greyish, mine just went a lighter greenish-blue than I added purple shampoo to try to get the green out… So maybe it may have faded to more of a grey if I had of left it. I have purchased the LIVE colour in grey, I will try it soo and let you know if it goes green as well..hahaha!


  2. I put the grey semi permanent colour in my hair today, after about 5 mins of waiting I googled to find some awesome outcomes.. I found your blog and rinsed straight away!!
    I was left with a moss, mould deep green!

    Expensive hair dressers trip later and I’m back to blonde!

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    1. Oh no! I’m sorry, so glad you washed it out when you did, the mossy colour sticks pretty hard to your hair too! I’ve just tried the Live by Schwarzkopf in “cool grey” after my hair was washed shampoo’d with a little purple shampoo. It has actually gone grey! I think I’m still in shock! Haha


      1. Ooooh, if you’ve got a picture of the Cool Grey, could you put it up? I really want to tone my hair a bit darker, it’s mostly white with a bit of red and yellow in it. I never wanted it that light – I just wanted silver streaks. 😦 But I went to a hair supplies store to pick up some ash toner and they said no, don’t do that, you’ll turn your hair green. If the Live Cool Grey works even on hair that’s gone green, I’m going to run out and get some, I’m desperate.


      2. I will put up a new post about my experience with the cool grey soon. It’s all washed out right now so I will have to do it again and let you know when the post is up. My hair wasn’t green when I put the cool grey in though, sorry, I had to fade that crap out first haha. I used antidandruff shampoo, purple toner and really good conditioner to fade out the green then when it was mostly purple toner coloured I put the cool grey in and it worked really well. I have heard good things about the Pravana gunmetal grey if your looking for a darker grey.


  3. So you are happy with the LIVE cool grey? I am wanting to do it this weekend and have bought the LIVE cool grey colour, but am a little bit worried now about going green. I was thinking leaving it on for a longer time might help with a darker grey colour and hopefully no greens?

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    1. Yes I was very happy with the colour, it definitely went more of a silvery grey than a gunmetal shade, but I only left the colour in my hair for 10 minutes because I was scared it might go green haha. Just make sure your hair doesn’t have a yellow hue because I’m not sure what will happen if it’s yellow. I did have some fudge purple toner in my hair before putting in the cool grey also. Good luck! 👌🏻 let me know if it works out for you lovely.


  4. I used this colour and it turned me dark green/black, I was like wtf? I had to use hair remover and bleach the crap out of it just to get the colour I have now. Brite used to do an actual silver so idk what happened, if you want to check out what colour it actually made me you can check my previous profile picture on my fb.

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    1. That’s crazy! It’s definitely a tough one to get right… hands down to those people who have actually ended up with the right colour! I have heard though that some people have tried one pack and it’s gone grey, than next time they use it the colour has come out green! So maybe it’s very touch and go with their formula.


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