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Autumn: The Favourites.

When I think of Autumn, I imagine crunchy red, gold and brown leaves underfoot…a crisp nip in the air that brings a rosy glow to even the most sun-kissed of cheeks and plenty of cosy nights cuddled up with my favourite crochet blanket. This Autumn welcomed us with all these things…except it was over 20 degrees pretty much every single day! (Spr-Autumn?! New seasons perhaps….) 

So it was definitely not freezing cold every day however, this last week or so we’ve had a few chilly ones. Which is why my Autumn favourites may seem a bit contradictory and slightly confused! 

Fashion Favourites.

This past season for me has been all about the “all-in-one”…. Think dungarees, pinafores, hotpants, jumpsuits and all that jazz! I’m not gonna lie though, I would have these on every favourites list to come if I could…..(and I more than likely will). It’s the versatility of these pieces that I love the most; you can dress them up or down and layer different options under them to suit the weather. Plus they take comfort to a whole new level! 

All-in-one goodness times two!

Can we talk about Mustard?! No not the delicious condiment… But the fantastic colour! This obsession has most definitely come from Opshopping. I spotted a muddy yellow knit jumper, purchased it and never looked back…. Now it’s mustard errrythang…. Scarfs, beanies, tops….. I want it all. My collection is growing and I’m not ashamed at all. Please please please… Get some mustard in your wardrobe, it looks great on everyone… Trust me. 

Corduroy is a friend of mine! It’s so soft and warm and comes in every great colour you can think of. I have found plenty of cord items in opshops, they are literally everywhere. ASOS is also a great place to find some unusual corduroy pieces. Love love love! 

Converse sneakers…. Yes! 

Makeup Favourites.

Becca, shimmering skin perfector (Champagne Pop) – Oh My Gosh! When I purchased this product (after already hearing so many good things) the sales assistant in Sephora said to me “This will literally change your life”…. And I thought…. Geez that is a bit dramatic, makeup is not going to change my life. But oh dang was I so so wrong… This stuff is The BOMB!!! It’s silky smooth, highly pigmented and makes your cheekbones look like they could cut a bitch! You need this…NOW! 

Chi Chi Cosmetics, eyeshadow palette (Spices) – The perfect Autumn colour palette. These shadows blend really nicely and the colours work really nicely with all the 70s clothing out at the moment. They literally look like an Indian market stall. So pretty and not at all expensive for the amount of product you get. 

MAC, matte lipstick in Velvet Teddy – This colour is just the perfect nude, it suits so many skin tones and is easy to wear with bold eye looks or when your feeling a more natural vibe. MAC’s lip formula is really one of the best; this lipstick lasts all day and I don’t have to re-apply after eating. Bonus! Pout out every day! 

Becca (Champagne pop) , ChiChi (Spices) , MAC (Velvet Teddy) , Boe Beauty (Rose gold nail set) and L.A.M.B. by Gwen Stefani.


This season I have found some kooky crochet blankets at a few different opshops, so they have been scattered across various rooms in my house… Gotta love the granny style comfort! I love them so much in fact that I’ve started teaching myself to crotchet my very own yellow and grey throw rug for the lounge room. 

Yellow and grey crotchet brings me to my next favourite… Yellow and Grey! In the last few weeks I’ve been re-decorating my lounge room in all kinds of yellow and grey tones… These two colours just work so well together. I may add a pop of mint or sky blue in the mix next month… Watch this space! 

Random Loves.

Call The Midwife (TV Series) – So I started watching this as it came onto Foxtel’s Boxsets channel and it is sooo good. The cast is amazing, the storyline demands your attention and it is the perfect combination of heartwarming and funny. Worth watching 10 out of 10! 

Crocheting – I’m loving learning this new skill. Even if I am super slow at it…

Through the Looking Glass (Movie) – This is one for any fan of Disney, the weird, imagination and never growing up. So if like me… Your 30 but going on 12, you will fall down the rabbit hole and never want to come back with this one! 

I hope you enjoyed reading about my favourites for the past season, I would love to know if you share any of these favourites as well or if you would like to share some of your own…don’t hesitate to comment them below, I’m always happy to hear from you 😊✨ 

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Go forth and Bring on Winter! 

ThriftstoreApocalypse X


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