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Jump in my suit of comfort! 70s Outfit inspiration.

So… If you’ve ever watched The Simpsons you will know what I’m talking about …but there is this clip on one of the episodes that has just stuck with me. It’s the episode in which the family is at a ski resort and the Flanders are there also… So Homer is skiing and in comes Ned Flanders in his little, tight, one piece ski suit. He looks over at Homer and waves his butt saying…”Feels like I’m wearing, nothing at all” and the show repeats it over and over… Then Homer is all like “Stupid sexy Flanders” 😂  Well….. Every time I wear a Jumpsuit; I’ve just got to repeat that line… And every single time I laugh at myself and think I am a comic genius. (See picture below if you don’t know what I’m rambling about😁) 

So Jumpsuits give me the gooooood feels! 

This jumpsuit from Asos is no exception! Being made from a corduroy material it is so super comfy. So I wear it as much as I can, because you know how important comfort is am-I-right?!  

And the colour….oh the colour! The perfect Grey tone. I matched a Mustard long sleeve shirt underneath but you could definitely match it up with just about any colour you could think of. 

There are so many great Jumpsuits around at the moment and I have even managed to find a few at opshops… Although it’s a “diamond in a pile of sand” kind of situation trying to snag one! 

They give a super 70s vibe and can be dressed up or down for any occasion. I love love love them, especially this one! Let’s hope I’ve inspired more people to look like a “super sexy Flanders” and get some jumpsuits into your life! 

Go forth and Jumpsuit! 

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4 thoughts on “Jump in my suit of comfort! 70s Outfit inspiration.

  1. Love this! I bought a jumpsuit from Cabi awhile back but was shy to wear it. Recently I put it on and it felt like I was wearing pjs..the comfort was THAT strong. Since then I want to wear it everywhere! Cheers the “jumpsuit”! May it always have a place in our hearts!

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