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Beginner’s Guide to finding the goods when thrifting. 

We have all walked into our favourite stores at one time or another on the search for that perfect item that we want or need. Be it that rocking ripped pair of jeans or the perfect crisp white blouse. 

Most of the time you just walk in, grab the newest on-trend item you see, try it on and walk out. It’s easy peasy! I mean the clothes are lined up in neat little rows, all in order ready for you to simply pick your size and buy it before you can even think about changing your mind. 

It’s meant to be that way… It’s how they keep you coming back. It’s fast, simple and effective. 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with shopping for brand new clothing, shoes, makeup and household goods. It is for most of us really enjoyable and if your looking for something in particular, you can usually find it. 

However… Just imagine getting exactly what you want, but at a fraction of the price! Or finding a one-off vintage treasure you never thought you’d see anywhere! 

Sounds good? Well that’s because it is, and it’s called thrifting! (Or Opshopping) 

Now just because I said it was awesome, does not mean I said it was easy! It’s hard work! But extremely rewarding and pretty darn fun. 

Just like other stores a thrift shop/charity store/opshop ect usually has a kind of order to it but not necessarily the same order as you find in “new” shops. 

This however, I find, adds to the thrill and excitement of thrifting. It’s like a treasure hunt! You never know what your going to find, and sometimes you have to dig (literally through piles of stock) to find something worth taking home. 

I have a few tips when it comes to searching through a thrift store…

Always check the discount bins! 

You never know what you will find in them and they are a treasure trove of cheap goodness. 

Take a gander at the opposite sex section.

It may seem weird but I have found some awesome Tees in the men’s section and a few dress shirts I’ve  worn as dresses. 

The same goes for the kids section!

Yes there are treasures in here too! A largish kids tee makes a great crop top. 😁

Don’t just stick to your own size.

If I find something I like and it’s seemingly the wrong size, I always just give it a try on (you never know!). I have clothes ranging from a ladies 8 to a 16… All different brands…all fit perfectly! (I’m a 12 btw) 

Accessories are always worth looking through! 

Bags, shoes, belts and jewellery…. Need I say more?! 

Furniture is DIY heaven! 

If it ain’t broke (and it’s cheap), do fix it! Refurbishing an old desk or chest of drawers is so much fun and you will be so proud of your work when your done… Plus old furniture is usually stronger and much better quality then the new stuff. 

Don’t forget your Knick Knacks!

Vintage 60s dinnerware eat your heart out! Oh and doilies… Many many doilies! 

So that’s just a few of the layout tips that should help you on your own thrifting adventure!

 Keep an eye out for further posts with more detailed “instructions” on how to find the best stuff and also not pay too much for it! 

I hope this gets you into the spirit of thrifting and just remember to have a bit of fun and try to step outside your fashion comfort zone! It’s bizarre out there… And I like it! 

Go forth and thrift….



2 thoughts on “Beginner’s Guide to finding the goods when thrifting. 

  1. I love all your posts! You are so fun to read!! And yeah, really like the one about “not sticking to your size”, because vintage sizes are all over the map, people don’t always put things in the right section to begin with, and sometimes you fit into other sizes! Women NEED to hear that tip for sure! It’s not like you’re going into a store like J Crew where you may happen to know your size (even then, sometimes it’s not consistent)! Love your stuff girl, you are doing fabulously 🙂


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