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Tartan it up! Sports luxe style.


Planning an outfit for me is the most exciting thing about getting out of bed. That and putting on makeup! (Sometimes…) πŸ˜‰. When I begin to think about what I’m going to put on, usually it starts with one item that I really WANT to wear and then I style the rest of the items to match or compliment the original piece of clothing (or sometimes accessory).


Today’s outfit started with these tartan toastie Blackmilk leggings. Now I have had these babies for a few years now and living in Australia, I don’t get to wear them all that much. So at the first sign of a crisp nip in the air, these get snatched out of the closet and slipped straight on my body! If you have never owned a Blackmilk piece, please buy just one (if you can stop at one😏) and never look back. They are hands down THE BEST leggings you can buy, they fit like a dream, suck in your bits and don’t show your undies like other brands. Plus they come out with the most awesome designs!


Being on the size 12 to 14 side of things, I like to wear something a bit longer and looser on the top half to cover my bits, so I picked out this cute and sporty “NY” Tee to add to the look. I thrifted this top from a Salvos store a while ago and liked the fit and look of it straight away. Being a versatile piece, it goes with a lot of my other clothing so I wear it (mostly casually) quite a lot.

Right so now can we talk about those shoes! 😍


Converse addiction right here. I’m not a big fan of heels being a tall woman, so it was only natural that I would gravitate more to flat shoes. Recently on a trip to Melbourne, I found myself at the magical wonderland that is DFO’s in Southbank! It’s amazing! If you live in Melbourne, I’m so jealous.

So I walked straight into the Converse store shortly after entering, found these and another pair (which I will gush about another time) almost instantaneously! They are everything I like about a shoe… black, comfy, studded and oh so fantastic! And might I add, only cost me $25! Bargain!

I really like how they compliment the tartan and give it a punk, yet sporty edge.

Can you get Tartan Converse? I’m sure you can… I need them!

Tartan you, Tartan me…. Tartan Everythang! (Makes absolutely no sense, whatsoever) πŸ˜‚

I hope this outfit inspires you to try and mix some tartan into your wardrobe, trust me, you won’t regret it.

Anyways go forth and Tartan!

Talya x




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